Flooring Inspiration

Below we’ve compiled a collection of flooring inspiration images from some of our favorite designers, suppliers, and sources. CQ Floors, LLC can help you find the flooring of your dreams. You tell us what inspires you and we will make it a reality. Click on the flooring inspiration images below to go to the source of the image.

At CQ Floors, LLC our in-house design services can help you with personalized inspiration for your space. Set a Shop from Home appointment by clicking on the button below, we bring the samples to you. We make the shopping experience as streamlined as possible. We will call you to discuss your flooring needs. Then you will receive a personalized flooring inspiration email with flooring sample images prior to your in-home appointment. Once we arrive at your home, we laser measure your space, and review samples with you in person. Once a product is chosen, we will give you a quote the same day, and we are able to schedule your installation on the spot. We simplify the entire flooring process. We can accommodate any flooring type; Carpet, Engineered Hardwood, Hardwood, LVP, LVT, Tile, Vinyl, Etc. We offer financing to suit any budget. 

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